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Data Governance Council

The mission of the Data Governance Council is to ensure that data assets are accurate, consistent, understandable, and that the access rights and authority with respect to university data are defined, applied, and understood by the university community so that data resources are used securely and appropriately.

Council Objectives and Activities

  • Adopting and maintaining a data governance strategy and roadmap;
  • Developing, reviewing, and maintaining data governance policies, regulations, rules, processes, standards, and guidelines;
  • Promoting the creation, management, and usage of accurate, consistent, secure, accessible, and reliable data across the university;
  • Prioritizing, sponsoring, and facilitating execution of data governance initiatives;
  • Resolving university data governance issues as part of a data issue management process and escalating significant issues to the Executive Steering Group; and
  • Ensuring coordination of data governance efforts with related programs, activities, and groups, including but not limited to information security, analytics, analytics enablement, compliance, and records management.