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Analytics Enablement

What is Analytics Enablement?

Analytics Enablement is the infrastructure, tools, platforms, and data resources that enable Institutional Analytics activities. It includes the design, development, and maintenance of data resources that are curated for analytics uses, such as an enterprise data warehouse. Analytics Enablement also includes technical operations and support of Institutional Analytics platforms, such as the SAS Visual Analytics platform, where Institutional Analytics content has been developed and delivered to users.

The Analytics Enablement Service

Analytics Enablement is organized using a non-governance IT service model. UDA is the service’s business owner responsible for ensuring service delivery and directing the Analytics Enablement technical services team housed and managed in the Office of Information Technology. The Analytics Enablement Advisory Team, a group of central business unit analytics directors and managers, advises and consults with both UDA and the technical service team on service needs and direction.

Goals and Objectives

  • Develop and operate a well-designed and well-documented enterprise data warehouse that provides curated, organized, and scalable data that meets the needs of, and serves as a source of truth for, Institutional Analytics activities;
  • Provide and support reliable enterprise analytics platforms and tools that meet the business needs of developers and consumers of Institutional Analytics content;
  • Provide and support ETL and data storage solutions that meet the business needs for the use of data resources that are not part of the enterprise data warehouse but necessary for Institutional Analytics activities; and
  • Continually review and assess supported tools and platforms in light of advances and developments in data and analytics technology and methods and ensure NC State‚Äôs data and analytics infrastructure and tools meet changing business needs.